15 November 2018


Dear Alice

It seems there is no end to the amount of social platforms one can connect with, and so I add Bloglovin to that ever-increasing list!  For some reason, you have to stick this link in a post, so that's what this is all about!

(shakes her head at her own social media slutty-ness)


16 October 2018

some ATcoins

Dear Alice

It's been a slow October so far - I'm quite sure I have hedgehog DNA, and feel like preparing for my winter snooze; it's a marvellous idea really - you eat all summer, sleep all winter and wake up nice and thin and ready to eat again!!  Oh, to be a wee hodmedod...

I've been playing around with ATcoins - not sure how much I like doing them, it's a rather small surface and the shape somewhat restrictive too - even if it IS the exact size of a McVities Rich Tea biscuit! (See, that's the hedgehog in me talking :)  But anyway, I've had a go and enjoyed rocking that 70s vibe with GLORIOUSlY clashing colours!!

I just 💖 the 70s... *anyone* can do understated, 'good' taste, to do colours that make your teetch itch is a whole different ballgame!  My granny used to have a bathroom that was done in pale pink, orange, brown and yellow - it was def something else 😉


7 September 2018

Published! - Mixed Up

Dear Alice

I'm right chuffed to be featured in this week's edition of Mixed Up! - the inspirational online mixed media classroom edited by Katy Leitch.  If you haven't seen this awesome publication, then what are you waiting for?!  It comes at a thoroughly reasonable price, which you can pay for monthly, with new projects being published every week - what's not to like?!


You can see a snippet of my project on the top right hand corner - it was a lot of fun to do 😊


5 September 2018

some tags and ATCs

Dear Alice

As I tend to do things in short bursts, it usually takes a while for anything to get finished, but on this occasion it was like the proverbial buses, and I got loads finished up today!

Everything is done on MDF tags and ATCs from Calico Craft Parts - I have a rather huge collection of their stuff, and some of it has even been decorated!!  I'd like to know who came up the memorable line: 'Whoever dies with the largest stash, WINS!'.  I'd defo be in with a chance...


2 September 2018

PaperArtsy August Challenge - 'Baked Texture'

Dear Alice

Over on the PaperArtsy blog, the challenge for August is to use Seth Apter's new 'Baked Texture' embossing powders, and having only played with them a little, I thought I'd sneak in at the final bell - I used many different Carabelle Studio stamps for the background on this Calico Craft Parts triptych, and PaperArtsy Perrella stamps for the main image.  Then embossed some of the detail with the Vintage Beeswax (my fave)and Patina Oxide. It's not easy to see the embossing in the photo, but especially the Beeswax-y one gives a nice dimensional texture:

And, as they say - 'that's all, Folks!'


27 August 2018

art journal journey - August challenge - 'count your blessings'

Dear Alice

Over on the wonderful Art Journal Journey, the challenge for this month is Count Your Blessings and it is hosted by none other than that most coolest of cats, namely Bleubeard and also his human, Elizabeth.  

It's been a slow month, creative-wise, so I'm pleased to be able to sneak in at the 11th hour with this challenge, and that counts as one of my blessings!  There's a total of 100 pieces of coloured and stamped card, some of which have got what I consider my blessings written in secret on the back of them, before being glued down.  Sort of mindnumbing mindfulness-orientated, cutting all the pieces out and colour-sorting them, not too taxing for my menopausal brain, at least!!  If it all looks a bit like the paint charts you get in DIY stores, then that is exactly the inspiration ;)

Any-the-hoo, that's all for now, got to go as Pandora wants to get on the computer to email Bleubeard.  What do you mean kittehs don't email?  For goodness sakes, will you just go on YouTube and do the search!!  Tch!


30 July 2018

altoid tin with gel transfer

Dear Alice

In the September 2018 issue of Craft Stamper, I've got a wee project & article published - an altered altoid tin with gel transfer.  Below is a sneek peak, but you'll need to go to Craft Stamper for a paper copy of the mag, or digital copy via Pocketmags.