15 January 2019

My first blog post with PaperArtsy!

Dear Alice

Well, you know how I just totally *adore* PaperArtsy stamps and paints, and infusions, and Grunge Paste, and stencils, and..... so I'm overexcited at sharing my first blog post over on the PaperArtsy Blog using some of the brand new stamps from Sara Naumann.  I had so much fun making this project - wee sneak peek below.  There are just so many possibilities with these stamp sets (I used ESN34), and then you add the stencils into the mix, well, the world is your lobster!

Big thanks to Leandra for giving me this opportunity - means a lot 😉


7 January 2019

PaperArtsy sneak peek of new Sara Naumann stamps ~

Dear Alice

So, now that I'm on PaperArtsy's design team, I get to play with new stamps before anyone else!!  I'm all dizzy!!  Here's a sneak peek of the new Sara Naumann stamps and stencils - the full reveal won't be for another week:

I'm so excited to be part of the PaperArtsy DT - I've always looooooved their stamps, not to mention all the other goodies like Fresco Finish acrylic paints, Infusions, Grunge Paste etc etc.  What a great start to 2019 😊


4 January 2019

Mixed Up Creative - this week's fabulousness comes from ~

~ my fellow teamies Riikka Kovasin, Emma Williams and Erica Evans who have been putting on the glitz for some fabulous post-Christmas makes!  Don't forget that as a member you get weekly inspiration AS WELL as access to the entire backlog of 200+ tutorials, know-hows and projects - what's not to like?!  And on top of that, until 31 January 2019, you get £5 off with the voucher DREAMTEAM2019 when you sign up!  Go on, go see - you won't regret it!


7 December 2018

Published! ~ Mixed Up Creative

Dear Alice

It's Friday, and time for another dose of lush inspiration from Mixed Up Creative, that fabulous online resource which is a *must* for all mixed media fans.  Every week has new tutorials, plus you get access to ALL the other tutorials, know-hows, articles and vids - for just £5 a month!! What's not to like??!

And lookie-lookie - big ole me has got a wee project in there too!


NB! Membership of Mixed Up Creative is for a minimum of 3 months - which still works out at less than a latte a week!

3 December 2018

Published! - Craft Stamper January 2019

Dear Alice

In the Yule tide edition of Craft Stamper, I'm lucky enough to have two projects published - one about upcycling photo slide mounts from back in the day when people didn't have social media, and a rather funky rainbow coloured Christmas tree!

You can get your sub through www.craftstamper.com, or if you prefer to go digital, at www.pocketmags.com.  Go on, you know you want to!  OH YES, YOU DO!! (clutching sides in mirth and merriment)


28 November 2018

Upcycled Rubber Stamp Blocks

Dear Alice

It's always nice to upcycle thing, cos it makes you feel really righteous PLUS the money you save can go on other stash!!  I'm sure the purchasing of new stuff using my perosnal version of Craft Algorithms is somewhat skewed, but .....

Earlier in the year, I had an article in Craft Stamper Magazine about re-using some of the wooden stamp blocks left over from when I transferred most of those stamps onto EZ-Mount.  I thought they would make fun little Christmas tree decorations:

I used just the one stamp (PaperArtsy Ink & The Dog Mini 39) and added just a few simple embellishments and odd bits of ribbon, with twine for hanging.  And that's that!  Now I've just got to think of something to make with the remaining 574 blocks 😨


24 November 2018

Mini Album Makers November Challenge

Dear Alice

It's been a while since I've made little albums but, having amassed a load of cut-off pieces of paper from many other projects, I decided to make them into an 'open' album, ie without a cover.  The pages are all water colour paper, and this is the end result:

And this is the beginning:

Distress Oxides -

which were spritzed with water and then sprayed with ink sprays -

before finally getting stamped.

I really like the higgledy-piggledy style of the different sizes of pages, and there's still enough room to write tiny little things onto them!

I thought this would be just the ticket for Mini Album Makers November Challenge where, as usual, anything goes which is just how we likes it 😄

There's some really cool entries, so well worth going for a look-see!


15 November 2018


Dear Alice

It seems there is no end to the amount of social platforms one can connect with, and so I add Bloglovin to that ever-increasing list!  For some reason, you have to stick this link in a post, so that's what this is all about!

(shakes her head at her own social media slutty-ness)


9 November 2018

Exciting News!!!

Dear Alice

Yeah, I know - I've been too quiet and not letting you know what's been going on.  It's not that I haven't been doing stuff, far from it, just nothing concrete to blog about - but for today!

You may remember I was fortunate to get published on Mixed Up Creative, the online mixed media creative learning zone organised by the totally awesome Katy Leitch - well, guess what??  She invited me to become a permanent design team member!!!  Did I have to think about it??!  Oh no, I *leapt* in there much faster than you've seen me move for a long, LONG time, and I've been doing the happy dance ever since!  I'm over the moon at being part of this independently published venture - it has a huge variety of projects, techniques and videos, with new stuff coming out every Friday, and all this at a very respectable price, too!

(In a fake Irish accent)'But, there's more!'  Leandra Franich, that doyenne of rubber stamping and mixed media, gave in to my pestering and as of 2019, I'm going to be a Guest Blogger for PaperArtsy!  How exciting is that??!!  I have always loooooved PaperArtsy stamps - when they first came out in 2004, there was *nothing* like them on the market, and they continue to have a wonderfully eclectic mix of styles and genres - not to mention all the sundries, such as Fresco Finish Chalk Acrylics and Infusions Dye Stains.  And the stencils!! And, and...  So I'm well chuffed 😊  Christmas come early!

And this is Henry - NOT Rudolph!!  He says his mum and dad are very kind rein-parents and would've never called him something that would immediately make people break into THAT song.  Not that there's anything wrong with being different, okay?  Why blend in when you can stand out, and all that 😎 ... But Henry just happens to dislike the name Rudolph.


16 October 2018

some ATcoins

Dear Alice

It's been a slow October so far - I'm quite sure I have hedgehog DNA, and feel like preparing for my winter snooze; it's a marvellous idea really - you eat all summer, sleep all winter and wake up nice and thin and ready to eat again!!  Oh, to be a wee hodmedod...

I've been playing around with ATcoins - not sure how much I like doing them, it's a rather small surface and the shape somewhat restrictive too - even if it IS the exact size of a McVities Rich Tea biscuit! (See, that's the hedgehog in me talking :)  But anyway, I've had a go and enjoyed rocking that 70s vibe with GLORIOUSlY clashing colours!!

I just 💖 the 70s... *anyone* can do understated, 'good' taste, to do colours that make your teetch itch is a whole different ballgame!  My granny used to have a bathroom that was done in pale pink, orange, brown and yellow - it was def something else 😉