7 September 2018

Published! - Mixed Up

Dear Alice

I'm right chuffed to be featured in this week's edition of Mixed Up! - the inspirational online mixed media classroom edited by Katy Leitch.  If you haven't seen this awesome publication, then what are you waiting for?!  It comes at a thoroughly reasonable price, which you can pay for monthly, with new projects being published every week - what's not to like?!


You can see a snippet of my project on the top right hand corner - it was a lot of fun to do 😊



  1. You have seen the world and the universe where stars sing and moons hang above words.People drop in and fly off, flowers are clouds. Numbers are road maps and colors are houses.

  2. Mondays taste like dust, trees sing and crows leave seaglass by my window... yeah, you've clearly been there too :)


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