16 October 2018

some ATcoins

Dear Alice

It's been a slow October so far - I'm quite sure I have hedgehog DNA, and feel like preparing for my winter snooze; it's a marvellous idea really - you eat all summer, sleep all winter and wake up nice and thin and ready to eat again!!  Oh, to be a wee hodmedod...

I've been playing around with ATcoins - not sure how much I like doing them, it's a rather small surface and the shape somewhat restrictive too - even if it IS the exact size of a McVities Rich Tea biscuit! (See, that's the hedgehog in me talking :)  But anyway, I've had a go and enjoyed rocking that 70s vibe with GLORIOUSlY clashing colours!!

I just 💖 the 70s... *anyone* can do understated, 'good' taste, to do colours that make your teetch itch is a whole different ballgame!  My granny used to have a bathroom that was done in pale pink, orange, brown and yellow - it was def something else 😉



  1. These are super smashing great!! The colour of the 70's can sure be an eye opener with it's colour pops and extraordinary mix that we now look back on and love even more than in the 70's!!
    Love your ATCoins, great little hand hugger's.
    Good to see you back, don't fall back to sleep now..
    Creative wishes Tracey x


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