9 February 2019

A couple of DT projects -

Dear Alice

Well, it's been a busy week and for once I've something to show for it!!  First up, my project for the PaperArtsy challenge of 'Mustard & ...' which I made while listening to Brubeck - you can tell, can't you? :D

And then, my second project for my stint as guest blogger for That's Crafty! - I really like working with these long tags, they seem have taken over from making cards these days! 

You get a whopping 18 pieces in a pack, and I'm already excited at the thought of a tag book with lots of lovely grungy-ness - will keep you posted ;D



  1. Wonderful projects, Charlotte - love the Paperartsy ones - saw them last night and just remembered to comment ;-)

    Congratulations on joining the DTs - I know you'll enjoy that. Hope you're well. Will be in touch soon... Cath x


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